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Title: Engine Damper Bushes.
Post by: dougdee123 on November 25, 2010, 12:57:51 PM
Just a small update on replacing Engine Damper Bushes.

In accordance with the description in the 'Tips' section I ordered a set of Triumph Spitfire bushes to replace the bottom end bushes of the dampers.

Unfortunately, when they arrived they were not the correct i/d. In fact they were 12mm i/d instead of 10mm as required. In addition, as expected, they were too long and the o/d was too wide.

So I unleashed the power of the internet and managed to find a more appropriate alternative.

It turns out the swing arm bushes for some motorbikes or scooters are a better fit. They can be sourced as 25mm o/d and 10mm i/d with a slightly longer inner tube of 32mm. That can be used without modification.

Here are the ones I bought. ( But you can find them if you search '25mm swing arm bush'.

I fitted them by extruding the old centre sleeve, burning out the remaining rubber, hacksawing the outer sleeve along the length and then collapsing the remains. Then using helpfully sized sockets and an M16 repair washer with a long M10 bolt you can squeeze the new bush into the damper. I heated the end of the damper with a blowlamp to loosen it somewhat.

And, happily, the result was that the vibration noise went away. I still plan to replace the engine mounts next year but the immediate problem is solved.