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Title: Beta Spax fitting
Post by: spud on October 19, 2010, 09:29:15 PM
Hi all,
This is probably aimed at anyone who has actually done this...
In the pic you'll see a black plastic disc- what is it and where does it go? It's fractionally too large to fit down the threaded collar... It will, however, fit on the underside of the collar but surely not...? It would melt when the collar is welded on to the strut casing... There's no mention of it in the Betaboyz strut collar instructions and no mention of it in the Spax fitting instructions...


Title: Re: Beta Spax fitting
Post by: thecolonel on October 20, 2010, 12:08:16 AM
I would suggest that after you have fitted the insert into the housing and
tightened the nut, you then slide the "dust" cover onto the shaft of the piston

at least that's where I found them when I took a pair of Gamma struts apart.


Title: Re: Beta Spax fitting
Post by: lanciamad on October 20, 2010, 08:53:21 PM
Thats what i've done... (
It actually does absolutely nothing from what I can work out, I can only suggest that it is fitted, to make people aware that there are spax inserts fitted, I can only see that being the benefit of having it fitted.

Title: Re: Beta Spax fitting
Post by: TonyLanciaBeta on October 20, 2010, 09:21:02 PM

Hi Andrew
I will ask Mark to put a clearer instruction on the parts page.

as geoff said their purpose is to act as a dust cover, when the nut is locked down there is a small gap between the nut/shaft
this is to help keeping dirt out.



Title: Re: Beta Spax fitting
Post by: spud on October 20, 2010, 10:28:36 PM
Geoff, Marcus,
Thanks for that guys. I did think it might be the dust cover but I too thought it would be so hopelessly ineffective that I'd kinda ruled it out...

Yes, I think it needs a mention on there just for total clarity. It might be obvious to some what it is and the Spax sheet does mention a dust cover but I wasn't at all sure- I've never done ANY modifications to suspension ever before so it's all new to me.

So while I'm on Tony- the yellow painted body of the Spax insert slides down through the collar and the inner ridge of the collar is too tight for the very top of the yellow painted body to pass through and thus stops it going any further, yes? Then, when tightening up the big Spax nut into the collar this effectively sandwiches the insert in and makes it immoveable. Correct?
By the way- those painted strut assemblies in your pics look really cool...! 8)

Thanks fellas!