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Title: Water Pump
Post by: Neil-yaj396 on December 16, 2009, 08:38:00 PM
Hi this is my first post though I've been a fairly regular user on the LMC forum.....

My 1300 Coupe is losing large amounts of coolant from the front of the block (haven't had chance to inspect in daylight yet!). I suspect the water pump which went on my 2000ie many years ago with similar symptoms.

A replacement pump is on the way.

I chickened out of changing the pump on the ie as everything looked so tight. Is this a mega hard job or should I just go for it?

Has anyone out there got the 'o' ring and gasket???


Title: Re: Water Pump
Post by: HFStuart on December 16, 2009, 11:39:29 PM
It's pretty straighforward with decent access through the rh wheelarch once you've taken off the splash gaurds. IIRC the cambelt gets in the way a bit so you might way to slip that off the cams (tipex is your freind here). Sometimes you can grip the pully hard enough with an old drivebelt to undo the pump pulley bolts - failing that you can wedge a screwdriver between a bolt head and the end of the pump shaft to hold it still.

I thought pumps usually came with a gasket ? If not a cereal box, stanley knife and a smear of red hermatite has never failed me yet ! Any bearing factor should be able to get you a match for the o ring in case you can't find one.

Title: Re: Water Pump
Post by: Neil-yaj396 on January 10, 2010, 04:00:39 PM

Finally got the pump fitted and working last week, your advice re getting the pulley off, hermatite and cereal boxes was invaluable!

There was a gasket included but it proved a bit of a disater. I'm going to do a full write up of the job for VL/the Forums as in hindsight it's quite an amusing story.

Thanks again.


Title: Re: Water Pump
Post by: smithymc on May 11, 2013, 05:14:58 PM
I've been attempting this job on mine today and much of the previous posts rings all too true. The existence of this thread does at least suggest that it is possible, which at times I have doubted earlier today - even now I have the pump off but not 'out', if that makes sense, but have come indoors to save health and temper. The 'little difficulty' cited in the Haynes is a masterpiece of understatement.

The job has, in fairness, been prolonged by not being able to undo stuff that has been untouched in 35 odd years ( block drain plug, splashguard bolts, pulley bolts) and me not being a mechanic.

I assume you have to get the rear rail studs out of the old pump to be able to manouvre the thing out?


Title: Re: Water Pump
Post by: Neil-yaj396 on May 11, 2013, 06:59:27 PM
Yes, you need to undo the two bolts attaching the pump to the back water rail. I think you can get some access to these by removing the rubber 'seal' around the steering track rod. You'll need a new O ring to reseal the pump onto the rail. These don't always come with the pump and I got mine out of a focus plumbing pack!

Title: Re: Water Pump
Post by: HFStuart on May 11, 2013, 09:36:45 PM
You don't need to remove the studs but you do need to loosen or remove the bolts holding the rear rail in place at the other end of the head to get enough movement to remove the pump with them in place.

Title: Re: Water Pump
Post by: Neil-yaj396 on May 12, 2013, 08:11:32 AM
Yes, should have remembered that bit as I never got the bolt holes on the rail to line up again for some reason. One of the two bolts is still in my toolkit! As Stuart says, you don't need to take out the studs, just (obviously) remove the two nuts.

Title: Re: Water Pump
Post by: smithymc on May 12, 2013, 12:46:12 PM
Thanks guys - I had already got it free, but couldnt fiddle it out - taking the engine damper  bolt out and swinging it out of the way makes it easy.

On hunt now for O ring - wonder why it doesnt come with the pump( mines a QH one)? Would make life simpler.