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Title: Electric window repair
Post by: Nigel on June 14, 2020, 11:15:55 PM
I had a successful day on the HPE.

My drivers window [RHD] was skipping teeth at around half way down.
I removed the entire unit and then removed the motor.

The sliding plate is withheld on the main part by a bump stop which had 2 pop
rivits, I drilled them out and then pulled the sliding plate and the cable out of its split tube.
The cable was completely worn away at the pinion end, so much that pieces of the
spiral were loose and dropping off!
I then drilled out the spot welds that hold the small bracket to the moving plate, opened up the small bracket
which released the cable.
I turned the cable around so as to use the other end.
The small cable bracket was then wound onto the cable,squeezed shut and pop-rivited back onto the
moving plate. I then reinserted the cable back into its open tube, re-pop riveted the end stop, refitted
the motor and tested on the bench.
All worked great.

The motor has only 2 wires, one up and the other for down. This means that the earth for the
motor is relying on the hinges/hinge pins.[?] I didn't find any other earth visible.
This tells me I should install an earth cable from the door through to the car body.

I refitted the unit in the door and then found that my new pop rivits fauled the window attach plate so a small cut with the
trusty angle grinder removed a small piece of the window attach plate. All now good.

However the window is still quite slow going up, and I put that down to dodgy rubber channels of which the
forward one is in 2 pieces where it should actually be one piece. So i'll be looking for a new channel rubber.

I'm also going to add relays to the windows to reduces the current draw through the switches.

I expect to be doing the same to the pax window later this week, so i'll take some photos on the next
I hope this may be of help to someone with a slow or broken window.