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Title: VX Blower location
Post by: lbcoupe76 on June 01, 2016, 07:18:07 AM
Hi guys, does any one know if the VX supercharger can be mounted on it's side i.e in and out vertical rather than horizontal? or will that cause havoc with the oil system.

Title: Re: VX Blower location
Post by: WestonE on June 01, 2016, 09:08:02 AM

I do not know for sure beyond having to re-orientate the oil reservoir. You could consider connecting it to an engine oil feed and return as I have on my Volumterico (Factory approach). This would ensure oil at pressure in the system although the VX does not have the oil scavenge pump the VMET has.

A scary decision with no one else having done it I suspect.


Title: Re: VX Blower location
Post by: lbcoupe76 on June 02, 2016, 02:16:19 AM
Hi Eric, I'm John Ian is 75 coupe. Love your work, in fact what you are doing is my inspiration. The reason i would like to flip it is to make a better inboard manifold that can incorporate an water to air intercooler. My coupe will also be running an Integrale drivetrain and my goal is to get the finished vehicle to around 850-900kgs with composite panels. I think supercharged power would suit this better than turbo as there is much better throttle response. I have a spare Thema turbo that i am planning on using the fuel system from as the fuel rail looks to be the right fit.
I am very jealous of your volumetrico, you wouldn't happen to know of any others available would you?????. Would it be alright to pick your brain from time to time, i admire your approach to your vehicle and would love to learn from you.

Title: Re: VX Blower location
Post by: WestonE on June 02, 2016, 09:38:04 AM
Hi John

This is a very technically complex project with a lot of miss information / dated information published. I am pleased to hear you will be creating a plenum manifold to dial out the mechanical in balance from a VX inlet manifold. Are you sure the VX is the right SC for this? There are Eaton units around that might be cheaper and better in terms of boost. I am pleased to hear you are going 16V because exhaust flow is very important and you cannot use long duration camshafts. I have an 8V 45 inlet 40 Exhaust Guy Croft head with custom cams from Cat Cams Forged 10:1 Pistons and Forged Rods.

VX units must have fuel flow through them for sealing and cooling so you will be looking at 6 injectors if you go VX FI AND an ECU that can trim by cylinder with 2 outboard batch injectors and 4 inboard sequential. Eatons are air pumps so no outboard injectors required. I found the Emerald K6 NOT up to the job and I now have a Link G4+ Fury and I am installing drive by wire with a Porsche throttle body. If you use modern engine management well set up you can run 9.5 or 10:1 pistons depending on the boost levels involved and the fuel used.

Beware throttle response without control. One of my reasons for changing was the Jenvey cable TB meant the car would leap 10 feet forward with a growl from a light road bump!! This was fun initially but ultimately dangerous. You need a highly experienced and trust worthy turbo/SC rolling road development partner. I have Storm Developments near Aldermaston who have developed 1,000 BHP A3s, a range of BMW and Porsche Supercharger conversions and Time Attack race car prep. I had to learn a lot quickly!!

Good Luck