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Title: VX carb to FI?
Post by: f27vx on December 08, 2011, 10:03:20 PM
Some may know that after terminal tin-worm on my HPE VX I re-incarnated the engine by putting it into a Se7en type car.
Naturally it wasn't without its problems sitting the engine upright and turning it North/South but three years in and it never ceases to bring a smile to my face.
However there's an on-going but anticipated problem in that the DCNF I've fitted doesn't like going round right handers.
Fitting a DCOE isn't an option but recently whilst buying a blower for another project the engineer vendor suggested going single point injection.
So here are  the questions for the collective since my knowledge stops short at points and distributors.
Is there a single point system which will fit?
If so which vehicle/s should I be looking at as donor/s?
What's involved?
If I'm buying second-hand which components do I require?
Thanks in anticipation.
Cheers, F27vx 8)

Title: Re: VX carb to FI?
Post by: WestonE on December 09, 2011, 03:28:43 PM

Firstly can you fit an IDA or get hold of the outboard manifold from a Fiat Spider Europa VX or even a Volumetrico which would turn the carb the right way round for nortn south? I have seen on you tube the use on Fiat Croma IE parts on a VX engine, but getting the injectors into the inboard manifold is not straight forward. I know this because I am doing it on 2 engines now! The easiest option would be to find a Plenum throttle body with injector ports and to graft this to the current manifold.

Or you can get DCNF pattern throttle bodies from Jenvey. You would use a 44 with a pair of large injectors in the throttle body ports and a TPS (throttle position sensor). You would of course need a suitable high pressure pump, correctly sized injectors, fuel rail, FI adjustable Pressure regulator, TPS or ManifoldAirPressure sensor, AirTempSensor, CrankPositionSensor & 36 -1 or 60-2 Trigger wheel, WaterTempSensor, ECU and wiring and high pressure FI hoses. With all the sensors in place and the ECU wired you would need the car mapped by someone who knows how to program your ECU so find them BEFORE buying a cheap ECU. This is all do able and I am in fact building both an FI VX Montecarlo and a FI Volumetrico Beta Spyder, but I believe modifying your manifold to turn the carb the right way round for the float chamber is definately first option if you cannot buy one from a north south engine set up.   


Title: Re: VX carb to FI?
Post by: rossocorsa on December 10, 2011, 10:18:17 AM
I think that Eric is right to suggest getting a different carb as a first option it will surely suit the character of a se7en more closely than injection and must be a more cost effective option.

By the way Eric saw a very posh looking engine at GCs  you are going to have one hell of a motor!!