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Author Topic: beta / integrale engine  (Read 1668 times)
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« on: November 30, 2008, 07:59:22 PM »

From: flatspot69  (Original Message)   Sent: 15/11/2007 20:00
Greetings Beta pilots, Has, is, anybody, built, buliding a beta with integrale running gear. If so I'm interetsed in comparing notes for a fledgling project I have running at the moment.

From: A1-6HPE   Sent: 15/11/2007 21:00
Have never heard of such, people have talked about putting integrale engines in but I don't know anyone who has done that either. The subframe will be in the way for the centre differential and the prop-shaft. Similarly the subframe would in the way for the exhaust, possibly including the turbo-charger. No matter what, it ain't "plug'n'play". The easier option (!) would be to do a "Bi-Motore" a la Giorgio Pianta.

From: Alleyne   Sent: 16/11/2007 22:34
I have seen at least two spyders with VX engines, very well converted.
It was many years ago, so my memories may be incorrect. I seem to recall
that there were more modifications than at first thought. I seem to
remember the steering rack and ball joints needed changing.
Remember that the bodyshell is not as stiff as other Betas. I remember
riding in a spyder in London with stiffened suspension. It was like
riding on badly laid cobbles, and I could hear the bulkhead creaking.

From: spyder-grale   Sent: 16/11/2007 23:23
Also, don't forget that the cylinder heads are back to front on the 'Grale (inlet is between bulkead & block, whereas on the Beta the inlet is between the radiator & block). Never say never though, it'll cost you 's.

From: flatspot69   Sent: 17/11/2007 19:01
Yeah, you right, I mean I'm well versed in the delta reverse port head config, associated problems being the limited space in the beta engine bay to accomodate the plenum chamber and the 20 degree cant doesn't help matters. I'm lookig  primarily at an eight valve engine but I have an engine on the bench at the moment with which I'm experimenting using a thema 16V head turned through 180 degrees, the cams and pulleys are then turned a further 180 degrees allowing them to line up on the same side as the crank. So far so good as I can report no problems that a bit of maching can't sort out. I am looking to re-engineer the subframe and floorpan to account for the larger dif and propshaft but thats for after christmas. So any pointers will be appreciated... 

From: A1-6HPE   Sent: 22/11/2007 23:24
Hello flatspot69,
Sounds like you are capable of pulling this off. Compared to a Delta there is loads of room under the bonnet so this could work out well. using the integrale bellhousing and transaxle will mean that the block ends up vertical. Angling it will mean that the drive to the propshaft would point downwards (and probably have minimal ground clearance.
When Trevor Nicosia created the "Yintegrale" he basically took a Delta floor pan and welded the stretched Y10 body on top. That might be the easiest way to do a Beta version. Slightly more subtle approach - weld in the Delta inner wings to hang the engine and transmission from.

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