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Author Topic: Alternative Beta Alloy Wheels  (Read 2008 times)
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« on: November 30, 2008, 06:55:05 PM »

From: psi101  (Original Message)   Sent: 01/06/2007 10:19
I have just bought a lancia 1979 beta spyder and have recently joined this group.
I am planning to upgrade the alloys to the ones from the lancia delta HF (4 stud) from the 8v,.
Just wanted to know if anyone has done this and can advise:
1) whether any work is needed on wheel arches
2) whether the speedo will need to be recalibrated
Would appreicate your advise.

From: StuartHF1   Sent: 03/06/2007 00:03
IIRC the Delta tyres were 195/50 15 on the 8V, they're much smaller than the 175/70 14 fitted to the Beta. You'd have to fit 195/55 or 185/60 tyres to the Delta rims to get the same radius and not have to recalibrate the speedo. I've no idea about how well the wheels fit but I do recall an article on here saying anything wider than a 185 tyre can give problems with clearance.
Each to his own of course but I've got to ask why you want to 'upgrade' I'm not sure the delta alloys will suit (this is a preference thing so it's just my opinion) and I doubt you'll get any handling benefits. Why not just go for a decent 185/65 tyre on the standard rim ? I've just fitted a full set of Toyo CF1 to mine and the change from the 175s is remarkable.
Anyway welcome to the group and congratulations on the car choice - I hope you get more days motoring with the roof down that you do chasing odd faults. (All Lancia owners are optimists !)

From: raparici   Sent: 04/06/2007 00:45

I put the 16v rims to the VX with 205/50 tyres. They made a massive improvement in grip along camber adjustment in the front. Cornering speed is night and day. I just needed the 4,5mm spacers in the rear to allow sufficient clearance with damper, I used the oem Delta ones. The 8v rims have lesser ET and although being them narrower (6" instead of 7") they could have clearance with damper issues without spacers.

There is nothing like the original, but I think these give the Coupe sort of 037 look while help to preserve the original ones ;-)



From: raparici   Sent: 04/06/2007 00:45
A pic with the integrale rims:

From: psi101   Sent: 04/06/2007 20:52
Hi Ruben
Can you please tell me what tyres you bought with these wheels and also where you got the wheel spacers from ?
Your wheels look great by the way.
I may go the same route.

From: raparici   Sent: 05/06/2007 12:38

The tyres were Toyo Proxes T1R. The spacers in the rear are taken from a 8v/16v integrale (they use them in the rear wheels from factory). To avoid a small rubbing in strong load I had to fold up the rear wheel arched profile, this folding of the wheel arch in the inside is minimal and no noticeable.



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