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Author Topic: Beta Wheels  (Read 15613 times)
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« on: November 30, 2008, 08:13:39 PM »

From: Paulbeta3  (Original Message)   Sent: 05/12/2007 18:14
I'm interested in acquiring a set of 15" wheels for my Beta Coupe and wondered
if anyone could advise on suitable sizing and offset.
I'd prefer not to use spacers unless lack of choice means this is necessary.
All help is greatly appreciated, the more info the better......
Do these wheel specs seem suitable
98 pcd 
ET 40  offset
6J 15 H2


From: bettacoop   Sent: 06/12/2007 12:47
Hi Paul, std Beta wheels are 14.5 inches high and 5.5 inches wide with offset ET 38.  PCD 100.
if u go 4 a wider wheel then correspondingly offset ET figure must come down depending on the increase in width and available space. On my coupe front wheels are not such a problem as the arches are large whereas at the rear there is about 11-12mm (v diff to measure) between inner edge of tyre (185/65/14.5) and strut.
you wan to put on 6 J which is half in inch wider approx 12.5mm. There is two sides to the rim so the inner edge will be just over 6 mm nearer the strut and then the extra 2mm in the ET40 you have said so about 8mm nearer strut. I think maybe u have enough room dependent of course on choice and size of tyre. the standard wheel set up has 2 or 2.5mm spacers on the hub anyway. if u need thicker spacers then you need some with a central spiggots to locate your wheels.
im sure other owners have fitted 15inch wheels which are generally wider with no or a little modification. personally i like the std beta wheels. they're light as well. easy to clean.

From: autoitalia   Sent: 06/12/2007 13:17
PCD 100!

98 I think.


From: bettacoop   Sent: 06/12/2007 17:28
yep youre right i stand corrected. quite y i thought 100 as i do know they're 98 PCD.
thanks phil and apologies.
ps the wider the rim generally the lower the offset value so 7.5J say will come down to ET15-18ish. just a bit of math.

From: Paulbeta3   Sent: 06/12/2007 21:43
Thanks for the information so far
I'm interested to know what wheels people are using and what the specs are.
Standard Beta are definately 14" 98pcd  ET38
Apparently the distance from the inner face of the wheel to the rim is 118mm so this
will be the critical size on any wheel I decide on.
My friend has a set of 4 stud Alfa 75 wheels fitted and he says they are 7J 15 with ET34, he thinks they are fractionally too wide.  How do you get an ET of 15-18 for 7.5J Bettacoop, please elaborate?
Anybody out there got non-standard wheels, what problems have you come across.
More info required if possible


From: jazzygeoffSA   Sent: 09/12/2007 06:11
Yeah I changed mine, the shop originally thought they where 4x100 so just fitted them straight. I took it for a drive and nearly shook to pieces  so they managed to get these very cool wheel nuts that actually have like washers on them that allow you to have offset rims on.
Basically you have to tighten them very slowly and do them bit by bit, but it works like a charm. Had them balanced and alligned and have had a single vibration since.
So I got standard 4 X 100 on my 4 X 98, and as I'm sure you know 100's are a dime a dozen and you'll have a much greater range to choose from.

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