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Author Topic: HPE Volumex questions  (Read 2488 times)
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« on: December 20, 2008, 10:50:07 PM »

From: glovebeast  (Original Message)   Sent: 26/08/2008 23:09

've just acquired a HPE Volumex, in very good condition. It has a few minor bits of rust (that I have found so far) and a few minor issues, but generally it's in remarkable condition, with only one owner until earlier this year. I wasn't particularly looking for one - it sort of found me - so I'm no expert and have a few questions:
1. What are the differences (engine/suspension/steering//brakes/cooling/electrical) between a Volumex and the normally aspirated cars?
2. Who are the parts suppliers (I've spoken to Andrew at Omicron already)?
3.I presume there are common parts with other Lancia/Fiat models - is there a database of these anywhere (fog lamps
and door reflectors are same as an X1/9 - I have one of those as well)?
4. How many RHD HPE Volumexes (is that the correct plural?) are still on the road?


From: hutch6610   Sent: 27/08/2008 01:41

Congratulations on your new baby!

Ok the differences;

Engine is modified ie engine
Crank, block are the same but has Vandervell competition grade bearings + fitted with a thermostatic oil cooler as standard.

Pistons give a different compression ratio of 7.5:1 over normally aspirated 8.9:1 to control detonation.
Camshafts are also different and inlet valves are larger than an ie, exhausts being sodium cooled.
Clutch is of larger diameter to cope with the extra power/torque.
Gearbox has a taller differential to give better more relaxed cruising - basically exploiting the engines extra available torque.

Ignition is the same as early IE but with vacuum advance fitted to the distributor.
Seen two types of radiator fitted, one looks exactly the same as an IE and the other has the bottom hose on the passenger side which frees up the area around the oil filter.
To be honest it could just be people fitting the easier to get IE radiator and bottom hose.
Radiator cooling fan is also larger than the stock IE.
Suspension has slightly stiffer springs and the brake pads originally fitted at the factory "were" (according to some publications) competition to cope with the extra performance but most i have seen are fitted with ordinary Beta pads.

Electrical system only differs up front to cope with the extra VX bits and pieces such as the scavenge pump, fuel regulator etc etc.
Only cock up Lancia made was the awful tiny down draft carb with strangles performance - could have ten to fifteen BHP extra if it was not for this but it was a cheap option i suppose.
Steering wheel is leather clad, interiors are a tweed pattern material on the HPE over standard IE seats.
Dark checked for the coupe on Recaro seats.

Externally, front and rear spoiler are fitted and the small pressing in the bonnet + front fog lights are the only distinguishing features.

Don't know of any databases that cover interchangeable parts.
Shared parts with other Fiats;
Engine blocks/cranks, exhaust manifold.
Air filter same as IE/Strada 130TC
You can get away with the larger Fiat131/Beta oil filter if you cannot obtain the smaller correct pancake one.

Door stops look the same as Fiat ones.
Sure their are some others like the jack etc.

Pretty much everything else is Beta IE.

How many are left?
Try the twin cam register.

From: glovebeast   Sent: 28/08/2008 23:23

Thanks for the info - all very helpful to a novice!

The car is is in outstanding original condition and is a credit to it first owner, who had the car from new until March this year. 3 small bits of welding is all it has had; there are some minor rust patches on each arch and the leading edge of the bonnet; interior is complete and original and excellent.

Never had a radio fitted! Service book is present and stamped up to 1993 when it runs out of pages; a big pile receipts complete the history and confirm mileage of 61k.
I have a Haynes book of words, but it doesn't cover the Volumex or later models. Presume oil capacity is more than the IE as it has an oil cooler?

Paying a visit to the garage tomorrow to fix oil leak and set auto-choke/mixture. There is a body shop on the same estate so I will gt them to quote for doing the rust.
Thanks again for the info.

From: hutch6610   Sent: 29/08/2008 01:10

You presume correct.
But in practice when the engine is drained the oil cooler does not drain down, so you wont notice the difference.

Just be careful with the dipstick and don't snap the end off or you will have to guess how much oil you have - flexible plastic end is a real nuisance.

Don't forget to top the blower up with oil every 250 miles or so, You can use motor oil if you are stuck for ZC90.

Fill the plastic reservoir to the centre moulded seam.

Haynes manual does cover the later electrical system for the 1978 carb model and the injection/Volumex is pretty close when it comes to lighting, wipers etc .
Shame they never did a supplement to update the manual but still, mechanically its pretty much the same.
Anyway - good luck and enjoy

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