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Author Topic: Lancia Beta Wheel PCD  (Read 2987 times)
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« on: December 19, 2008, 11:48:21 PM »

From: psi101  Sent: 28/04/2008

Does anyone know the wheel PCD for a Lancia Beta Spyder?
Any help would be appreciated.
Many thanks

From: psi101   Sent: 28/04/2008 15:06
Do you know if wheels that are a pcd of 4X100 will fit ?
Thanks in advance.

From: autoitalia   Sent: 28/04/2008 21:17

Phil Ward

From: rossocorsa   Sent: 29/04/2008

you can buy special wobble bolts to do it but personally I wouldn't doesn't look like sound engineering to me


From: psi101   Sent: 29/04/2008 11:34
Can you please confirm what the offset and bore is for the standard Lancia BetaSpyder Wheels.

From: Omicron   Sent: 29/04/2008

PCD 4x98mm.
You can buy all sorts of adaptors to make 4x100 fit, but personally I wouldn't touch these with a bargepole.
standard Cromodora alloy from a late Beta has an offset of 34mm stamped on the rim - keep as close to this as possible otherwise you may end up with all sorts of strange handling anomolies and may find that wheel bearings and so on wear out quicker.
bore - 60mm I think, but easiest if you take off a wheel and measure it yourself.

From: Jimmie____   Sent: 06/07/2008

There are special bolts for mounting 4x100 on 4x98 which are TÜV approved (German test thing, with quite high standards), I would thrust those bolts under my car.


From: bettacoop   Sent: 08/07/2008 11:45
Echo all the above posts apart from the last. these wobble bolts are bad idea. TUV approved or not i wouldn't use them on my car Lancia. wheels are machine fit and loads are considerable I would only be confortable with the correct wheel fitting. Fiat and Lancia are 98 PCD not 100PCD and centre bore is 58.9 I think. I go on other sites that are inhabited by chavs and they frequently fit these wobble bolts - frightening that they seem to be so widely used. Mind what can you expect from chavs.

From: Jimmie____   Sent: 13/07/2008 10:28
Well, the bolts are pretty much the same width, only a sliding thing around them to fit the minor 2mm.
I personally never used this things, but with a proper center ring, I don't see this bolts braking or failing.
But I agree with rather having 4x98 to avoid any possible problem.
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