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 on: Today at 02:16:23 PM 
Started by neromoto - Last post by neromoto
Hello SanRemo78

Thank you for your reply.
I have both Gamma(Coupe S2 '82 and Berlina S1 '78), Flaminia Convertible '63 and Coupe '60, Thema 8.32 '90 and Toyota Corolla Cheesy.
I will be going to the UK again this year to attend the Gamma Consortium AGM in September.

Masataka Okamoto

 on: Today at 01:38:51 PM 
Started by peteracs - Last post by peteracs
Hi Guy

Simple answer, no idea. I did not take the subframe off, so not sure how it fits. I had assumed your car being a facelift would have the later subframe and mounting points, so wonder if there is more than 2 versions?

The thing which is curious on this later subframe is that there are no locating pins and hence just located by the bolts. I would have though the pins give a good reference for the front chassis at the bulkhead.


 on: Today at 11:53:20 AM 
Started by peteracs - Last post by A Ross
Sorry I'll not be able to make this years Betameeta Sad  I'll be at Brands Hatch covering Festival Italia for Auto Italia.
Have a great weekend everyone, and take lots of pics  Grin

Have a great weekend at Brands Hatch Tony! I've just bought a 256GB memory card for my camera, so I think we'll be able to manage a photo or two  Wink- won't be anything like yours mind!  Smiley

 on: Today at 11:18:44 AM 
Started by The_Matrix_Master - Last post by betaveloce
I think these wheels were specific (optional?) for the special edition of the coupé named Laser.
Could be that they were only available on the Italian market.

 on: Today at 10:51:41 AM 
Started by JASPER_40 - Last post by peteracs
Hi Steve

Mine was also very crusty and as they are pretty inexpensive, just replaced it. No idea why it would cause your issue unless leaking?

As to previous question re isolating, not trivial as you would need to make up blanking pieces which also need to be able to bleed as well.

One point on the reverse bleeding. I tried to use a vacuum bleed originally and found it sucked in air via the bleed nipple thread when they were loosened, so made it impossible  to see if you have removed all the air. So I would be much more confident with positive pressure from the MC.


 on: Today at 10:42:37 AM 
Started by JASPER_40 - Last post by JASPER_40

Today I tried again to reverse bleed the brakes and managed to pump fluid via all 6 bleed screws back into the reservoir using my trusty syringe. I only pushed about 100ml in each but figured this would be enough to purge the MC of any air. I tried the brakes and they were still as spongy.

Next I pressure bled to whole system from the reservoir ......still no different

I then had a look at the rear brake compensator and disconnedted it from the ARB. I pulled back the rubber boot and could see that the arm that was connected to the ARB was not acting on the compensator plunger at all. I am thinking maybe the plunger is pushed out by the hydraulic action of braking whuch then interacts with the lever connected to the ARB ?

Is this compensator device known to trap air especially if inoperative ? The device itself is pretty crusty but I was able to lever out the plunger with a screwdriver 3-4 mm (took a bit of doing though.

Just as a shot to nothing, tomorrows job is to remove this device and dismantle to see if this may be causing my problem.

Does anyone have any experience with thse compensation devices ?



 on: Today at 10:39:13 AM 
Started by neromoto - Last post by SanRemo78
Welcome to this forum Masataka, hopefully your car will arrive soon and you can post some photographs of this early HPE! Apart from the Gamma (Coupe or Saloon) which others do you have?

I have a Beta Coupe under restoration and a Stratos replica.


 on: Today at 08:14:13 AM 
Started by peteracs - Last post by SanRemo78
The things you learn! Mine has the locating pin so it must be an early one then. The subframe bolts onto the pyramid shaped brackets welded to the front firewall at it's turn underneath the car. What are the threaded holes for on the later subframe Peter?


 on: Today at 03:49:58 AM 
Started by neromoto - Last post by neromoto
Thanks for adding me.
I am a member of the LMC and the Gamma Consortium.
I own several Lancia but this is the first time I have bought Beta.(1975 HPE 1600).
The car is still being transported in a container and has not yet arrived in Japan.
Probably HPE has not been imported into Japan until now.
Thank you for your continued support.

Masataka / Japan

 on: Today at 02:25:31 AM 
Started by JASPER_40 - Last post by JASPER_40
Hi Peter,

first things first....Today, I am going to re-do that reverse bleeding on the front passanger side as I must surely...surely have inadvertantly closed the bleed nipple (on both circuits !)when fiddling with the syringe......or could be that the brake pedal didnt reset fully after I tested the pedal when I did the drivers side reverse bleed. I understand that if the pedal doesnt fully retract then the passage back to the reservoir is closed off. I have noticed the brake lights staying on sometimes as the pedal doesnt retract by a small fraction...could be just enough to close the passage to the reservoir maybe. I will make sure the brake lights are off before attempting the reverse bleed again.

Note : The brake fluid flowed freely when I did the initial pressure bleed from the reservior.

If I pump the pedal it does not make any difference to the sponginess and pedal travel. If i push the pedal hard it reaches a point and stays there. It does not gradually go to the floor.

This problem situation is exactly the same when I got the car and so with the old MC in place. This brand new MC seems to have made no difference to the sponginess despite thinking that I had found the smoking gun.

Is there a simple way to isolate sections of the braking circuits ?



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