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 on: Today at 05:01:46 PM 
Started by Gromit - Last post by Gromit
This looks like a wonderful example of a restored 1953 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT Series 3...with an asking price of $275,000AUD to match!

There is an excellent 50 picture photo gallery to accompany the listing whilst the car remains listed for sale. Worth a look if you are interested in classic Lancia marque model examples and history. It must have been a real engineering tour de force in it day. And oh so elegant, understated and rakishly good looking to boot! Cool

I have attached four photos here as the online ones will disappear when it is no longer listed for sale. The seller`s description is quite informative:

Seller's Comment


SN:3545   CHASSIS: B202379  ENG: 2623

$275,000 (To be sold Unregistered & with Vic RWC)


The Pininfarina bodied Lancia Aurelia B20 GT was first released in 1951 as an evolution of the stylish Aurelia B10 four door pillarless sedan. Technically advanced for the period, the Aurelia earned the title of The World's First Production Car to use a V6 Engine.

On road performance was exceptional when new, due to it's independent rear suspension, transaxle transmission,  inboard rear brakes and of course the Lancia patented design sliding pillar front suspension. When combined with the relatively light weight engine and excellent weight distribution the GT became an obvious choice for competition use, including entries in events such as: the Mille Miglia , Targa Florio, Le Mans and Carrera Panamerica.

This beautifully restored 1953 B20 GT presents impeccably on all fronts, having undergone a comprehensive restoration by 'Historic and Vintage Restorations' of Blackburn, Victoria. The Midnight Blue paintwork is stunning, as is the classically styled leather and houndstooth interior trim. This Series 3 example features the larger capacity 2451cc engine producing 110 BHP, a development of the earlier 1991cc (80 BHP) engine used in the Series 1&2 B20's.

A true Italian Coup of the 1950's, the Lancia B20 GT has everything you could ask for: performance, comfort, style and competition history. Owned new by the likes of Juan Manuel Fangio who described the Aurelia as mild as a lamb, if necessary as lithe as a panther, as tough as the camels who manage to cross the desert chewing a small morsel of food, it's a smart, fast, impressive car.

Priced without Reg, Talk to us about Reg, Club or Other Plate Options.

 on: Today at 04:44:09 PM 
Started by Gromit - Last post by peteracs
Hi Andrew

Very nice looking Spyder, do you know if that is an original Fiat colour (may be original paint of course..)?

I have to say it is on my list to have one after the Beta is finished.


 on: Today at 03:16:16 PM 
Started by capriblu - Last post by capriblu
My car is a 1980 2 litre Coupe.   The distributor is a Bosch unit without vacuum advance.   I had ignition issues a couple of years ago and had distributor serviced including replacement of pick-up and original Bosch control unit with small device attached to body of distributor (H&H Ignition) - mid/part throttle flufiness disappeared.  However have noticed difficulty getting timing set that ensures smooth tickover whilst decent punch at higher engine speeds.  Have just replaced cam belt and timing is "spot on" (i.e. timing marks on crank and cam pulley wheels) - car will tick over perfectly at 800 rpm - haven't put strobe on to check exact level of ignition advance but would guess that this is pretty close to the 10 degrees static nominal.  On basis that full advance (from 4K rpm?) is meant to be approx 35 degrees then intuitively would expect to observe at least 25 degrees min mechanical advance available when slowly manually turning distributor rotor cap against spring action to full advance stop.  Rough measurement with protractor and a bit of geometry shows a smidge under 20 degrees total movement in the mechanism?Huh???

Would seem max advance is restricted to 30 degrees or less?   Because of this it would seem that only way I can get car to perform strongly at mid/top end is by having static advance of 15 degrees+  with consequent lumpiness and very mild occasional pinging at tickover.   Guys who originally did work on distributor and control pack replacement are on holiday this week - I will contact them,  but is my train of thought correct?

How easy is it to disassemble the distributor and adjust the maximum advance setting?

Any advice greatly appreciated .........

In mentime off to buy a new timing light

 on: Today at 03:11:12 PM 
Started by Gromit - Last post by Gromit

I saw dad today and passed on your greetings. It put a smile on his face Smiley He remembered you well and your enthusiasm for all things Beta!

He was pleased that his old 84 HPE is going well. It must be about seven years now since he sold it to your friend.

Dad still drives a bit. He has a red 2007 Fiat Punto which looks the part and maintains that Italian automotive connection! It also has a higher seating position than the Betas (much easier to get in and out) and (electric) power steering which makes it easy to drive and park etc.

We are taking the Beta Coupe and Fiat 124 Spyder to the local Auto Italia day here in Adelaide next Sunday so I might post some pictures of that event on the forum with special emphasis on Betas of course! Although to be honest the majority of cars there will be Alfas with the usual smattering of Italian exotica and plenty of Fiat Spyders. Lancias are usually a bit thin on the ground mores the pity.

The Auto Italia venue is just down the road from where I live in Adelaide - NE of the city centre in post WW2 Italian migrant territory (an old market garden suburb that has since sprouted houses!).
You can view pictures of last year`s Adelaide Auto Italia entries here:

Here is dad`s Coupe at the 2016 event:

And a photo of the Fiat 124 Spyder:

There is even a photo of my Dad and brother in their red Scuderia Club shirts!:

You can also access photos of all car entries to the past five Auto Italia Adelaide events at the home page here if anybody is interested in perusing them:

So welcome to the forum James and thanks for making contact.


 on: Today at 08:07:39 AM 
Started by Gromit - Last post by swedgamma
Hello again!

.......which may be the one you dont want!!!! I got two kinds of thrust washers,the one with the number 82382210 1, the washer ( with a flange inside) size outside is 63 mm,
the bearing itself is 52,7 outside, 35,3 inside, while the other one ,which has no number and comes with a rubber seal, the flat washer is 58,5 outside, the bearing is 60 mm outside and 37,0 mm inside. All measurements give or take a couple of tenths and in mm.

Sorry for the confusion!

BR /swedgamma

 on: Today at 07:42:00 AM 
Started by Gromit - Last post by peteracs
Hi Gromit

Yes, the bearing should have a raised portion to locate the bearing plate in the strut top. The one I think I remember has a solid portion on one side and a few locating lugs on the other plate.


 on: Today at 06:44:52 AM 
Started by Gromit - Last post by swedgamma
Good morning!

 Bearings 8238210 1 are in my survival kit, if someone is in need I can send you a couple.
 NOS still in original package!


 on: October 22, 2017, 08:11:39 PM 
Started by fred2660 - Last post by peteracs

Nice work, I enjoyed rebuilding the master cylinder, less so the front wheel cylinders with the really difficult retaining ring.....

On the lower ball joints for the front wishbones, I found one of the new ones I bought, different suppliers for both bought at different times, had too high a threaded section and had to cut it down, otherwise it fouled the drive shaft assembly. I think it was a Delphi one from memory.


 on: October 22, 2017, 04:56:09 PM 
Started by Gromit - Last post by megaera
Having read the OPís comment on the Compbreak bearing, I did a search for threads on the subject - particulary any mention of the bearings not fitting or lasting very well. Unfortunately, I cannot find them.

Please could someone either point me in the right direction - or share any experiences of these bearings? I was considering buying a pair....but in light of Gromitís comments, I am now hesitating!


Sorry - too hasty in posting Roll Eyes   Found the various comments....I shall pass on the Compbrake Shocked

 on: October 22, 2017, 02:26:51 PM 
Started by fred2660 - Last post by fred2660
What do you do on a lazy sunday afternoon?        ..... you rebuild your master brake cilinder

IMG_3283 by frederikleyers, on Flickr

IMG_3281 by frederikleyers, on Flickr

IMG_3293 by frederikleyers, on Flickr

IMG_3292 by frederikleyers, on Flickr

IMG_3291 by frederikleyers, on Flickr

IMG_3295 by frederikleyers, on Flickr

IMG_3294 by frederikleyers, on Flickr


the replacement kit was good. All the seals fitted perfectly

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