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Title: Engine / Gearbox shock absorbers
Post by: tonylanciabeta on November 30, 2008, 07:14:36 PM
Another quick tip I have come across during my restoration.

I was getting terrible noise and vibration that turned out to be the engine shock absorber. When I took it off, luckily the damper itself was still ok (not seized or slack) but the rubber bush at the lower end was completely shot so effectively, the damper rod was just banging against the mounting bolt all the time.

A couple of measurements showed that I needed a bush with an OD of 25mm and ID of 10mm.

A trip to my local classic car spares shop provided me with a Triumph Spitfire rear spring eye bush at a cost of 5.30.
This is too long and needs to be cut down and has a diameter which is fractionally too big (no metric fittings on the Spitfire) but 10 mins with a file and it was a perfect fit.

I pressed the bush into the damper lower eye in the vice after removing the old outer sleeve with a hacksaw and the car is a completely different beast. Smooth and quiet(ish).

I hope this might help somebody and it is certainly a lot easier than trying to find a replacement damper.