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Title: volumex engine mods
Post by: tonylanciabeta on November 01, 2008, 11:28:27 AM

i was recently looking on an italian web site and it states that  i can fit a 16v head onto my supercharged beast with a pair of 45's. does anyone out there know which 16v head will fit onto my engine. i have called so many people that i am beginning to lose hope.


I would give my eye teeth to have a 16 valve head for one of my 8 valve TC 2
liter engines :)
But I think it might take a bit more to obtain one :)


Fiat 131 16v head will fit without modifications
Later 16v Thema etc., will fit but you need to revise inlet and exhaust systems and require new pistons.


How does that work with the twin 45's and the blower? this is very
interesting to me as I have a collection of 16v engines and a pair of 45's
that I used to have on a 2.0l spyder


Speak to Guy croft, he supplys a kit with an adapted
mainfold and correct jets etc, complete with carb for
around 500, and if I get any time this yearI might
actually get round o fitting this to my VX coupe.

It does mean a liitle re-engineering to the front of
the car because of the filters and new oil cooler

When I purchased the kit though he reckoned that it
can give up to 180-190 BHP!!

Its wel worth speaking to guy as he is such a nice
bloke and so very helpfull, plus it also keeps a very
important form of engineering alive and well.

Apologies for slow reply been busy. How tractable  - very! I found I could poodle around at 30mph in 5th - remember my final drive was 2000 carb not VX so slightly lower geared but I think even with the VX box you would no have to change gear that often.