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Title: Flexible Exhaust
Post by: WIL35 on December 14, 2009, 09:51:22 PM
On my ie Coupe I have the downpipe with the flexible sections before it goes into one pipe. It is getting a bit old now (bits of rust flaking off) so I am planning a replacement. Firstly is the flexi part essential? I have a new soild downpipe and was thinking that if the flexi part is better to stop vibrations down the exhaust, I could weld in a single flexible section after the two pipes join into one. I can't work out how to replicate the original 2 flexi arrangement as getting the welder all the way round will be difficult!

Am I missing anything here before I start cutting the new pipe?


Title: Re: Flexible Exhaust
Post by: lanciamad on December 15, 2009, 07:46:25 PM
If you go down the route of replacing the two flexi sections, it is do-able :)...
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Title: Re: Flexible Exhaust
Post by: WIL35 on December 15, 2009, 08:57:17 PM
That looks good! Did you weld the flexible sections in? If so, was it Mig welded?

Title: Re: Flexible Exhaust
Post by: lanciamad on December 15, 2009, 09:58:06 PM
Yeh just MIG welded on.
The reason I did this was because i bottomed out and damaged my flexi section. Went to my local Partco (they were very helpful), looked at the universal flexi's they sell and the only correct length they had was too wide, ie. once one was welded the second wouldn't be able to be fitted. They did however sell what you see in the pics. only problem is you have to buy 2 metres of the stuff! Think cost was about 12-14, but does the job very well. Simply cut / angle grind old flexi's off, cut your new piece's to length and I personally welded onto the original weld, due to more material being present, you don't want to be chasing holes :( It is slightly stiffer than the original flexi's but less prone to being damaged.
I've since replaced it for an ansa (which has no flexi) and have not got a problem at road speeds with vibration, inless you are a very spirited driver ( ( This just lives in the garage now acting as a spare with the manifold, if the ansa needs attention in the future  :)
Like so many things, there's plenty of how-to guides that could be done, but would they be viewed / used ??? however big or small the job :-\