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Title: Rotor Arm
Post by: Nigel on March 07, 2024, 07:16:26 PM
1983 HPE carb, electronic ignition, matching a 79-81 model

As mentioned in the members section, I identified a faulty rotor arm [open circuit] in
my Bosch (non-vac advance) distributor
that put me in a layby to await a tow truck. [ engine splutterd and stopped]

With Peter's help, and research I found that it's extremely likely I needed
a 5k ohm equipped rotor. I ordered an Beru EVL029.

In the meantime, A local motor factor identified a Bosch equivalent which I bought.
Upon testing the Bosch, it's reading 1k ohms. I then received the Beru item
and that reads 5k ohms.

The 1k works but i'm still not 100% sure.

So, does anyone have a definitive figure published anywhere? Neither Haynes nor my later
Lancia info sheets have it stated.

I also don't know the effect if the wrong one is fitted long term.


Title: Re: Rotor Arm
Post by: mangocrazy on March 07, 2024, 07:34:28 PM
I'm a self-confessed electric/electronic dunce, but isnt the resistance in the rotor arm there to suppress interference in TVs, radios and other electronic devices? If so, I'd suspect the 1k ohm part is an earlier one and the 5k ohm part is a later, more stringently specified, part.

I may of course be completely and utterly wrong on this...