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Title: LSD
Post by: tonylanciabeta on October 31, 2008, 11:45:23 PM
Not acid but Limited Slip Differential.

Does anyone know if such a thing is available (or even desirable) for the Beta?

I seem to remember reading that some of the works cars were fitted with them ...


For highly tuned cars most people would recommend an LSD. I believe a company (actually a one man show) called Bits of Italy in Melbourne Australia (   does an LSD conversion.    Check out the site.  The guy who runs the show (Phil Buggee) may be able to point you in the right direction if he cant help you himself.


I can buy a Beta LSD kit in Italy.   Quite expensive, in the region of 4000


Highly tuned is what my VX engine is!  Guy Croft conservatively estimates 200+bhp and, more importantly, a similar figure for the torque.  This is why I'm thinking LSD, especially while the gearbox is out.
Thanks for the web address.  Details of LSD not shown but I've sent an e-mail request for more details to them and to Omicron also ... I'll let the group know what I find out.