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Title: Inboard manifold baffling/replacement manifold
Post by: markw on September 12, 2021, 09:24:36 AM
Has anybody had much success with baffling in the inboard manifold to even out flow to 3 and 4? I know GC had a go but wasn't able to yield improvements.

Even more extreme, has anybody fabricated a compact but more effective inlet manifold?

Title: Re: Inboard manifold baffling/replacement manifold
Post by: WestonE on September 12, 2021, 05:56:42 PM
Hi Mark

I assume you mean the VX inboard Manifold. The news is not great on this I experimented with manifold deflectors a flow bench and a device to vary valve lift. After time and money spent I had more even flow BUT I had lost 20% of peak flow with the manifold already being the most restrictive part of the intake system once I had 45mm inlet 40mm exhaust valves. For using the Volumetrico in place of the VX I had another manifold made which dramatically improved peak flow but did not fix the balance issue.

Lancia must have seen this on the 037 which is why the ditched the early design and went to a plenum. This of course is what I should have done. Instead I have a very good ECU matching fuel and sparks to the air. With 300BHP and 260 Ftlbs of torque I do wonder what would happen if I could get more air to number 4.

NB if using the OE VX manifolds port match it and open it out inside as far as you can whilst maintaining strength.