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Title: Where to bolt an engine stand to the block
Post by: mangocrazy on July 23, 2020, 07:19:29 PM
I debated whether to put this question in General discussion or in the Engine section. If I've erred by putting it here, please move the thread.

I've had my Beta engine on an engine stand for months (could actually be years), and have bolted the engine stand to the bell housing, which is very secure. However I will soon want to attach the flywheel to the crank, which will not be possible as it is now. Recently an Italian guy on Facebook has been sharing photos of his engine build and he has the engine stand bolted to the back (i.e. exhaust side) of the block. I did ask him how he had attached the engine stand and he replied in Italian: 'sulla staffa della marmitta che sta dietro al monoblocco'. FB's translation of this is: 'on the stirrup of the muffler behind the monoblock'.

From this I'm assuming that he's using the 4 bolts that retain the exhaust pipe clamp holder, just above the sump. From memory these are only M8 bolts (or is my memory playing tricks?). Would people regard 4 M8 bolts as being sufficient to support the weight of an engine?

This is the photo of the (partially built) engine on the stand:

Title: Re: Where to bolt an engine stand to the block
Post by: spydervx on July 25, 2020, 08:17:24 PM
Hi Graham,

Attached are photos of how I mounted my engine on the stand when building it up.

I could only get 3 points of attachment as shown.

I built the engine up beyond these photos to include belts and sump fitted but was concerned that I only had 3 fixing points, low down on the block and I think (it was some time ago!) I assembled the gearbox and engine with the engine in a timber cradle before lifting into the car.

I do not think this was the ideal solution and I am sure others will be better able to advise, but this did work for me.

If I was to do it again, and was stuck with these 3 mounting points, I would ensure there was a harness in place to catch any potential drop.

Hope this is of some use. 


Title: Re: Where to bolt an engine stand to the block
Post by: mangocrazy on July 27, 2020, 06:51:59 PM
Hi Gerry, thanks for that, and for the very clear photos. I also follow Guy Croft on his Facebook page and asked him how what fixings he used to mount the exhaust side of the block to his engine stand. His (typically terse) reply was 'Middle 4'. He expanded further by saying 'er yes. I've had Integrale 16v held that way. Trust me now?'. This was after I'd expressed doubts that 4 x M8 bolts were sufficient to hold an engine.

Anyway, I've seen enough people use that fixing method to persuade me, so now it's down to figuring how to make it work with my engine stand.