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Title: Beta trials and one up on the plod !
Post by: euan26 on March 09, 2019, 07:21:54 PM
Back in 1990 with my first Beta heading to the America Adventure with my then girlfriend and having to repair the exhaust at the side of the road due to loose bolt after re-fitting (my fault) and leaving my best ratchet behind when I packed the tools away. Heading back down the M1 at somewhat over the speed limit (would never condone such a thing) when coming up to J20 you spot the police car in the inside lane, he exits at the junction, you slow the speed down to well below the speed limit  and move to the inside lane and by the time he crosses the roundabout and comes back up the slip road (crafty) to the motorway you are able to give him a cheery grin rather than him coming up behind you for the obligatory ticket as was his intention, just a wagged finger and a grin and all is well.