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Title: Beta Coupe GCRE upgrade
Post by: betabuoy on January 12, 2019, 07:57:09 PM
With my Coupe now out of storage, I’ve decided that it’s time to sort out the engine and to up its spec.  I’ve admired the work of Guy Croft for years and, in my view, there is no better place for an engine rebuild than his works… GCRE in Lincoln.  

A few weeks ago, I spent an afternoon with Guy himself: We talked for hours about pressure waves, cam overlap, primary/secondary exhaust sections etc and when it was time to go, I left with a copy of his new book which, if you don’t yet have a copy, I thoroughly recommend.  

Later, having removed the engine, I stripped it to basic components and - along with another block and three other heads - I took all the big bits to Guy for him to select the best items.  Guy chose a very original 105 TC head (with 43.5mm inlet valves); my coupe’s original block; the oil pump and sump; and finally, the aux driveshaft, crank and lightened flywheel that he’d modified for me back in 2006.

On my next visit, we discussed the spec for my engine.  My stated requirements were: Occasional daily commuter (that’s North Yorkshire roads – not city centres!); hoofing along country lanes; long-distance fast touring; and of course... the occasional track-day!

Work started in November and Guy has been sending regular updates: The head is nearing completion with ops including enlarged ports, improved gasflow, triple valve springs and race guides; and it will probably carry Guy’s IIIA cams for the best overall lift profile.  The block has been re-bored to 85mm and has had a light re-face; this will be powered by Guy’s own-design forged pistons (CR 10.2:1) and Cunningham ‘rods and for lubrication it’ll have a baffled sump with an added cooling matrix.

More pictures to follow as it comes together.

Title: Re: Beta Coupe GCRE upgrade
Post by: HFStuart on January 13, 2019, 08:51:15 PM
Are you back in the UK full time now then?

There's no finer place for T/C work but Guy's standards are so exacting ( ie his way or not at all  - fair enough with the knowledge he's got) that that must be setting you back a pretty penny.

I'll look forward to the results - I presume you'll be setting it up on the rolling road. What carbs will you run ?

Title: Re: Beta Coupe GCRE upgrade
Post by: betabuoy on January 14, 2019, 09:25:20 PM
Hi Stuart

Yes thanks, and its nice to be back. 

Carbs will be twin 45 DCOEs...that was an early decision for me.  And, as I understand it, the porting of the head has been all based around optimising that feed.  For set up, Guy usually uses and recommends the team from Northampton Motorsport and I see no reason to deviate.


Title: Re: Beta Coupe GCRE upgrade
Post by: betabuoy on February 08, 2019, 07:53:42 PM
Spent a very enjoyable few hours with Guy on Wednesday.  The head prep is complete and I must say the detail and quality of work is staggering.


The block has been thoroughly cleaned, refaced and bored to 85mm.  Guy has just microhoned the bores with FlexHone at 240 grade ready for GC race pistons and rings.


Having confirmed the deck height, next event is to order the GC JE A8M pistons... and of course do a bit of painting!