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Title: Returning radiators and fuel tanks - recommended company in UK
Post by: peteracs on March 08, 2018, 09:59:23 PM
Hi All

This came via the LMC forum and thought it may help someone, they also have good reputation for radiator repairs.



Just a follow up to my earlier posting regarding my leaking petrol tank woes.

Today I collected it from the repairers and they have made a fine job. The tank was filled with acid and left to soak for a few days in order to dissolve all of the rust and a previous tank sealant that was in there. They then cut out three rusty areas and welded in new sections of steel, then repainted the whole tank in black.

The inside looks like new and the work was all done for 192.00 including vat, which I think was very reasonable compared to other quotes that I received.

I have no connection with the company or any individual working there, but I can thoroughly recommend them, so here are the details in case any of you have a similar problem.

Colchester Radiators,
2 Grange Farm Rd,
CO2 8JW.

I dealt with a helpful chap called Dave.

Tel; 01206 799559