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Title: Lancia HPE 2000 1979 Hystory
Post by: Leo HPE 1979 on July 25, 2017, 07:51:59 PM
Hello, it is time to tell a story.
Back in 1984, I was 27,single with a great earning job in the oilbuisness.
TIME FOR A SPORTSCAR, instead of a dull Peugeot 504.
The choise was between a 1972 Porche and a 1979 Lancia.
The Lancia was nearly as fast as the Porche, but far more practical and (I am still Dutch) much cheaper in taxes and insurance.
So I purchased my Lancia on 26 november 1984.

Lancia Beta HPE 2000
nr. L828BF1*18774
In 1984 it had done  56890 km
I drove it as daily driver until 1988.
Then the two of us had a little crash with a concrete pole in which the front got realy damaged (windscreen, radiator to sidescurts spoilerpart.
Miracusly the bonnet and subframe where not damaged.
Time for a new daily driver a MERCEDES 300 TD
But what to do with my beloved Lancia??? (now with 79634 km)
I decided for a nearly body off restauration. Damage repair (I still remember that I got the windscreen in Finland.) engine tune up, things like new valves upgrade cilinderhead, upgrade weber carburetor and many more things.
I found the rust we all know (back shockabsorber housings) and welded that
Butt that was all I found which was severe.
I spray painted the car in januar 1992 and build it together. With a nearly brand new Lancia I started driving again on 20 april 1992 So the body off cost me 4 years .
Years past and we had wonderfull holidays where under 6 weeks roundtrip throught the uk. But also Malta(yes with this car!)
In 2003 I lost my MOT due to a leaking powersteering.  To solve that was the most threatfull repair I have ever done. Here a tip. if you have that problem., donot hesitate and remove the subframe and engine. otherwise you will get mad, without a good result.
then some good years again. Poland near russian border. Uk again with now a nice narrowboat week included and ballieu car museum.
In 2012 I lost my MOT again, now bad breakes.
The last mayor adventure! first new pads no result, second new disks no result, third new headbrake cilinder with new copper lines no result
fourth new compansator on the backaxle (combined that with all new rubber liners etc on the backaxle) but with the breaking... no result.
It breaks yes, but not good enough for MOT. I GAVE UP (just driving in the neightborhood without MOT)
The car got some more problems like bad starting. no oilpressure on gauge, some waterleaking at the pressure side of the pump.
So in mai 2017 I took of the cilnderhead to check everything out. And YES bad wirering A new cabletree made by myself did wonders
oilpressue is back. and YES new joint on the waterpump and problem leakage solved. and..... found out that the vacuumhose from the powerbreak was nearly disolving, and that the backseatvalve in that hose was not working! (never knew wat it was). so I renewed al the possible hoses cleaned everything  did a new diaframa in the weber. an build it together again. and WHAT it starts like new it breaks like new it drives like new.. On a test drive it does 207 TOMTOM km/h (160miles) So the bad starting was a diafragm in the weber, the oilpressure was a cable the waterleakage was a joint. and the breaks a 38 years old vacuum hose with a little tiny valve. Total cost of new parts incl. timing belt and headgasket 136,00 excl. oil
Ready to hit the road again. Now today it has a milage from 101034 km(a small holiday to the Uk??/)
Who invites me for a beer haha



Title: Re: Lancia HPE 2000 1979 Hystory
Post by: Leo HPE 1979 on July 25, 2017, 08:17:02 PM
If you want to see a picture... just type martini in the search and in the reactions of that topic you will find it. near the river

Title: Re: Lancia HPE 2000 1979 Hystory
Post by: simplydelboy on July 26, 2017, 12:55:35 PM
Brilliant story/travelogue. Here's mine recently purchased, in fantastic nick. Sorry I'm a bit of a restoration lightweight so very well done.

Title: Re: Lancia HPE 2000 1979 Hystory
Post by: Neil-yaj396 on July 27, 2017, 07:04:50 AM
Leo - PM me if you come to Yorkshire, we have good beer.....