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Title: Two birds with one stone.
Post by: gengis on November 06, 2016, 08:38:19 PM
Intermittant electrical ignition cut out.

History...have been experiencing transient ignition blips, with no rime or reason. Also the faint flickering of the charging light seemed to be getting worse latley.

Out for a pre-winter run yesterday, and all of a sudden the blip becomes two seconds long with the lost of all dials and a steady charging light, then recovers. 

Found the problem today, after much head scratching.  There is a 6mm 12v supply cable on the right hand side (bottom) of the fuseboard, which enters the fuse board via a large spade terminal.  Once inside the fuseboard this terminal spilts into three normal sized spade terminals. One of these terminals was showing severe signs of overheating, terminal dis-coulored and isulation melted back a further inch.

Replaced the cable and cleaned the terminal.  Out for a run today and no ignition issues, also the charging light glow characteristic has disappeared.  Result.

Wondering if the charging light glow is an early warning of dodgy connections...somewhere!