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Title: Fuel Tank swap
Post by: Funkmiester on June 18, 2015, 11:35:03 PM
Hello !! I have an 1983 Coupe 2000 ie (on a carb!) I spent some time under it today looking at the horrors. It's typical Beta, I'm not fussed about the metal->weetabix reaction that is inherent in these cars, it's been off the road for 5 years with a leaky sunroof so I have no drivers floor, rear sills or jacking points. That's pretty much as expected. To be fair above floor level it's in remarkably good order. However, my fuel tank has a hole. Yes I know I can get it refurbed or do it myself with the Frost stuff or open it and weld it close (yes I understand the risks). However when parts have failed in the past I've replaced them with modern parts. EG my fan is half of a double fan from a espace, why? well it weighs about 1/4 of the weigh and is probably 10x more efficient and cost 5. So following that logic through I'd rather replace the fuel tank with a modern plastic one from a modern scrapper. It's easier for me to fabricate custom mounts than repair a rusty tank. No rust ever again. Does anyone have any thoughts, anyone tried it or have any recommendations on a suitable donor vehicle for a plastic tank. Does anyone have accurate measurements of the beta tank or do I have to take mine out? Before anyone gets upset about being a purist, this car will never be at pebble beach, it has been rescued twice in it's life already, it proudly wears it's spotty orange peel hammerite black paint (previous owner by the way) and anything I do to the car I'd rather only do once. Parts are getting scarce as are beta donors. A fit and forget tank makes sense. Thoughts o experience would be welcome.

Title: Re: Fuel Tank swap
Post by: Neil-yaj396 on June 19, 2015, 07:05:31 AM
Generally, plastic tanks sit further forward in a car so are a different shape (usually deeper). None come to mind that would sling in the Beta space?