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Title: ECU and Stereo help
Post by: tonylanciabeta on November 01, 2008, 05:00:53 PM
Hi guys,
I have an '84 beta coupé, and I'm not too clued up on it. two things im interested in today, are a) where is the ECU (I'm assuming its got one...) and b) how do I wire up a new stereo with an ISO type connecter to a beta wiring loom. Halfords cant help me, say theres no wiring harness adaptor ever made for the beta. So maybe can anyone please pont me in the direction of a wiring diagram for the beta coupe 2000ie?
thanks in advance guys,


Quite a few haynes manuals on ebay from time to time.    A modern stereo,  (din e , I think)  will not fit in the housing without some surgery to the dash surrounding the unit,  not major but worth considering.    Personally my stereo will be located below the cigar lighter.   Some surgery still required however.