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Title: '78 HPE round headlights
Post by: Per on May 09, 2014, 01:08:12 PM
My outer RH headlight (H1, converted from octagonal methinks but adjusters look original and I cannot remember if they were the same) had a cracked glass and rusted bowl. No new ones found and even used in MOT'able condition failed to turn up. So I took the old bowl, bent back the finisher tabs and removed the ring, carefully removed the glass and the little cup over the bulb. Scraped away remaining mastic and all rust in same area. Then I used a screwdriver and carefully removed the bulb holder. Then a tin snip to cut away the innermost 3 cm of the bowl. Finally I used a standard headlight for H4 which is shallower, removed the three locating tabs. Bent the lip of the old bowl out a wee bit all the way around. Pressed the new headlight into the old bowl. With a screwdriver handle carefully hammered back the lip of the old bowl. Fitted the finisher and bent in the three tabs to hold it all together. Done, one new headlight and adjusters still usable. BTW, be extremely careful when removing the old bowl from the adjuster clips. the plastic is old and brittle and so breaks easily. These are NLA as far as I can find.