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Title: Used Lancia Beta parts suppliers from around the world
Post by: MattNoVAT on January 21, 2009, 07:51:02 PM
While searching for various parts for my Beta and also some parts for my Hawk, I found this chap to be the most reliable, helpful and reasonably priced supplier of hard to find Beta spares.  Trim / Carello headlights etc.

Yes he's based in the California, USA. But he knows his stuff and he's been far more reliable than some UK based suppliers of used Beta parts I've used.  In the past I avoided using US based suppliers until I found Lenny Celiberti.  The bonus is that Californian based cars don't suffer the from European climate issues.  All the parts I have bought from Lenny are in A1 condition.

The little extra in shipping costs is easily worth it IMHO.  Parts are always shipped quickly and well packaged. Now Auto-Italia would be my first port of call when I'm on the hunt !


Title: Re: Lancia Beta parts
Post by: LanciaDave on February 07, 2009, 08:34:44 PM
Yes, indeed Lenny is a good guy. My only disappointment is most of the parts he has left are used from cars that have been parted. But he is a good source for that.

I haven't noticed it posted so I thought I'd start a list of vendors with available parts. Many are known already but some may not have heard.

In UK I know of Beta Boyz (Great resource!). Also Omicron is good, more for pre-Beta. and Monte Hospital is great for the Montecarlo/Scorpion.

Who is good on the Continent?

In the US many specialize in parts for Fiat 124 Spiders and similar but also carry a few things for the Beta. Supply is diminishing though and price has gone up with scarcity the rise of the Euro.

C. Obert & Co. run by Chris Obert in Santa Cruz, California. A good but dwindling supply, quite knowledgable, prices have risen the last few years. Available weekday business hours on Pacific Standard Time (I think GMT +8hrs?).

Bruce's Fiat Parts Bin in New Jersey. Mostly has 124 & X1/9 parts but a few Beta pieces left. Also a good guy. Available weekdays on EST (GMT+5hrs?) but sometimes available other times by email.

Vicks Auto Parts in Texas. Mostly Fiat parts but a few Beta things. seem nice. Available weekdays on (I think) Central time (+6?)

IAP in Virginia seems the biggest operation but more & more Fiat and less Beta parts, less knowledgeable, but good prices, shipping, and modern service.

I'll try to add others as I think of them.

I also get day to day maintenance things from the local parts houses. This works better for the Fiats, although parts also dwindling. The best chain is usually Napa. What is a similar source over there? I need a brake MC and a fuel tank sender.


Title: Re: Lancia Beta parts
Post by: rossocorsa on August 15, 2009, 11:16:19 AM

a few traditional and well known suppliers not yet listed

Cavalitto in Italy
MARA in Italy
Bielstein in Germany
Lancia service Cape Town

Cavalitto seem to be able to supply almost any part for any Lancia, a slight exaggeration but when all searches fail in the UK well worth a try