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Title: Weber 40 DCOE jetting
Post by: droptop on July 14, 2012, 08:52:32 AM
Well, I finally have an inlet manifold for a pair of twin 40's and I know someone selling a very well rebuilt set for very reasonable money. The're Weber 40 DCOE's, not Dell'ortos as I would have preferred.
Anyhow, the only issue is that they were jetted to suit a !.5 Alfa and I'm wondering if there's a guide anywhere that would specify what jets I need to make them suitable for my 2 litre Beta? It is a stock engine with 36k and has standard cams if that affects the required jetting which I'm sure it will although I'm very much a novice here when it comes to this stuff.
Also, is a change of sparkplug needed to cope with the carbs?
I'm probably biting off a lot doing this, but it's been in my head for so long and now it seems to be within my grasp. ???

Title: Re: Weber 40 DCOE jetting
Post by: rossocorsa on July 14, 2012, 10:05:14 AM
It might be worth asking on the Guy Croft forum, make sure you specify the rest of the set up when asking the question if anyone can help they are sure to be on there. Assuming the rest of the engine is standard  I can't imagine you would need to change the plugs