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Title: HPE tailgate struts
Post by: tonylanciabeta on December 20, 2008, 11:30:25 PM
From: glovebeast  (Original Message)   Sent: 16/09/2008

I have just bought new struts for the volumex; the offside has the body of the strut mounted on the tailgate, but on the nearside, the body of the strut is mounted on the tailgate opening i.e. the other way round.
Is this correct?


From: hutch6610   Sent: 18/09/2008

Off side of your car is correct.
Both sides should be the same - body (black part) mounted to tailgate and the end of the chromed rod should be attached to the door shut/body of the car.
Double check on page 262 of Haynes manual.

By the way how much did they cost you?

From: glovebeast   Sent: 18/09/2008

Thanks the advice - I thought it was strange being mounted different ways, but you never know!
They were just under 40 each, plus VAT from Omicron (ordered over the phone about 4pm Friday, arrived Saturday!)


From: hutch6610   Sent: 19/09/2008
OK thanks for the information.

From: Omicron   Sent: 22/09/2008 07:20
They should both be the same orientation.

The parts book shows the stem attached to body of car with the body of strut attached to tailgate.