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Title: Curse of the Spyder - fuel tank
Post by: tonylanciabeta on December 19, 2008, 11:09:33 PM
From: AndyNap     Sent: 30/06/2008

When my Spyder fuel tank developed a leak, Mark W could not have been more helpful (as usual). He dug out a repaired Beta tank from his barn and I collected it last Thursday. I spent a yesterday morning making a really good job painting and undersealing it. This morning, I took the car and tank around to garage to get it fitted and then the Curse of the Spyder struck once again....the Spyder tank is a different design... Zegato couldn't even use the same tank, they had to use their own! So Spyder owners be warned.
I've found a place in Hartlepool that takes old tanks to pieces and does a total refurbishment job on the tank. When I get it back, I'll report back on thier service and cost.


From: alfatodd   Sent: 30/06/2008

I feel for you Andy. I tried hunting a Beta tank down last year, but
couldn't find one, so I used POR-15 and sealed mine myself. Wonderful
stuff for around 140 pounds.


Annapolis, MD

P. S. That "HUTCH" guy was a big help as was Allen Lofland and Jim
Keller(shameless plugs).

From: AndyNap   Sent: 10/07/2008

Your're probably right. Unfortunately, my local garage does not like old/classic cars, but they do not seem to have any problems charging me a small fortune for repairing them! I have got to an age where I just don't do repairs anymore, for two reasons, I know that I'm a lousy mechanic and I'd rather be playing golf!
However, the good news is that that the old tank was collected, and repaired in 4 working days by Hartlepool Radiators, Unit 3F, Parkview Industrial Estate, Hartlepool T25 1PE tel: 01429 236300, contact Stan Lamb. They specialise in repairing and renovating fuel tanks. I was charged 20 for the collection and 70 for the repair. I think that that was a good deal and means that a fuel tank is saved for posterity and I can return the other tank to Mark W for someone else to use. A win-win, I think

From: hutch6610   Sent: 10/07/2008

Yes your right - an absolute bargain for the money.