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Title: VX Carb to Injection?
Post by: f27vx on February 09, 2011, 04:20:57 PM
Just a bit of kite flying.
 The HPE having suffered terminal tin-worm meant I've used the engine in a Se7en clone.
That's meant turning the engine to N-S configuration and mounting it upright.
It all works extremely well with the exception that it fluffs coming onto the throttle exiting right-hand bends.
In my own mind it's the carb starving itself as the fuel in the float-chamber washes up the outside of the float-chamber away from the jets. I swapped to a 40 DCNF some time ago but it still fluffs.
Bigger needle jet, higher pressure in the FilterKing to no avail.
So my thoughts are now turning to resolving the problem by fitting injection.
Does anyone have any experience of doing this?
Can I simply use parts from an i.e model?
All suggestions/comments/links welcome.
Thanks in anticipation. Pewe. 

Title: Re: VX Carb to Injection?
Post by: WestonE on February 11, 2011, 07:41:52 PM
I think I would try the DCOE direct to supercharger option first speaking as someone who is building a FI VX/ Volumterico engine. Guy Croft can supply the manifold and jetting advice for a single 45 DCOE. To do FI properley you need a mappable ECU and injectors in the inboard manifold plus airbody on the other side of the SC. Plus Coil pack and trigger wheel plus ATS WTS and TPS. It is a lot of work compared to bolting on a jetted DCOE 45 with aircleaner and linkage. Ultimately FI will give more power and better fuel economy and with mapped ignition better part throtttle response. BUT cheap ECUs like Megasquirt do not have much Rolling Road back up and you would need it to map the car properley. I use an Emerald K3 on my FI Montecarlo and whilst the ECU cost more the mapping at Emerald was good value for a from scratch map compared to Omex and others.


Title: Re: VX Carb to Injection?
Post by: thecolonel on February 12, 2011, 12:19:01 AM
I've got some spare 40 DCOE if that's any help.

Title: Re: VX Carb to Injection?
Post by: rossocorsa on February 12, 2011, 12:52:14 AM
shouldn't you use a IDF40 on a longitudinal engine? DCNF is intended for transverse installation float chamber is different if I recall correctly??

Title: Re: VX Carb to Injection?
Post by: f27vx on February 12, 2011, 01:34:52 PM
Thanks for the suggestions, chaps. All food for thought.
 Using a DCOE isn't really an option as a) the manifold's hanging outside the chassis top rail as it is and b) IIRC Guy's manifold is designed for a canted engine.
 RC is correct the DCNF is designed for E-W use and this could be the cause of the fluffing.
TBH Guy did warn me of that when we were first talking about turning the engine through 90deg.
Like the idea of the IDF though - further investigation required.

Cheers, Pewe.